Introducing my latest graphic design project: a bilingual pamphlet inviting exploration of winery culture and human connection.

My design concept mirrors the winery experience, guiding readers through a journey with text and illustrations.At the heart lies the tasting room and wine bar, depicted as a hub where conversations flow freely. The design captures the venue's architecture, with one side opening onto a patio shaded by a vine pergola—a setting for live performances depicted through illustrations. On the other side, the scene transitions to a ludic garden with water sculptures, inviting exploration.

Guided visits are illustrated, beginning with the landscape and vines. Illustrations depict biodynamic principles and sustainable viticulture.

Readers are transported into the winemaking process through illustrations of two facilities. The main "winemaking atelier" is a contemporary masterpiece, while the medieval cellar is brought to life with illustrations of traditional amphorae and artisanal tools, evoking tradition.
My project captures the winery experience, inviting readers to immerse themselves in a world where past and present converge.​​​​​​​
Printing: Offset by Tipografia Pevidém 
Paper: Fedrigoni Arena Ivory Rough 170 g/m
Finishing: Cutted + Folded 
Size: 120×​​​​​​150 mm (closed) 300x240 mm (open)
Year: 2023

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