Sérgio Augusto dos Santos, from Trás-os-Montes, born in the village of Poiares, portrays his life story in this book. The war caught him in Bragança doing military service; he ended up being mobilized and integrated in the first great Portuguese expeditionary contingent, arriving in France on February 2, 1917. After the war, the young man from Trás-os-Montes did not return to the fields, and continued his military career. Years later, already retired as a lieutenant, Sérgio spent much of his time writing. He wrote about his homeland (Open letter to his countrymen; "Roteiro agreste") and, between 1972-1974, he wrote his personal and family memories (Memórias Particulares dum combatente da 1º Grande Guerra / Private Memories of a First World War fighter). The published narrative of the twenty-one months spent in France does not belong to the justifying literature; it is a personal evocation of unforgettable experiences, enriched with details of a military nature, in an authentic, precise and rigorous record.

This editorial project seeks to communicate legibly the memories of Sérgio Augusto dos Santos. A clear representation of his memories, subdividing the content between decorations (description and photo), statements and correspondence with his “Frère de Guerre”. The format of the book (A5) was inspired by the author's memoir. The colors chosen: black and gold (black to represent "memory" and metallic gold to represent the medals and decorations). On the cover, a close photograph of the author's face, superimposed on high relief illustrations of his medals.

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