To mark the 79th anniversary of the Cineclube do Porto and the special screening of Karel Zeman's "The Diabolical Invention," a poster with a unique visual approach was conceived.

The centerpiece of the poster is an elaborate illustration representing a complex machine, characterized by gears and cogwheels, following the steampunk aesthetic. The choice of these visual elements was inspired by the theme of the film and the atmosphere it evokes.
The illustration was created based on the graphic style of the film, seeking to capture its visual essence and convey a sense of nostalgia and fascination for the depicted world. Every detail of the illustration was carefully crafted to reflect the unique atmosphere of Zeman's film.

The poster was designed to clearly and impactfully communicate the details of the special anniversary screening of the film club, including information about the movie to be screened, date, time, and location. The typography was chosen to complement the illustration and ensure easy and quick readability of the information.
Overall, the poster was created with the aim of attracting the target audience to the special screening, offering a visual preview of the film and sparking the interest of viewers in the unique cinematic experience that the Cineclube do Porto provides.

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