The associations CAV and Astronauta promoted the Arts Round, taking place on October 8th and 15th in Guimarães, involving various artistic venues. The 3rd edition, organized by the Comunidade Artística Vimaranense and Astronauta, presented cultural, artistic, and creative proposals over two consecutive Sundays. The event provided the audience with the opportunity to explore the work of 17 entities across nine locations in the city, delving into different forms of artistic expression, from Casa da Marcha Gualteriana, Arco ignis risographic studio, Whale's Mouth to Frepass Guimarães, including a significant contribution in the field of graphic design.

The graphic design for the event encompassed the creation of an illustrated poster and graphic material for merchandise and social media. Notably, the poster was printed using a specialized technique called risography, giving it a unique and vibrant aesthetic. This graphic approach added a distinctive element to the event's promotion, standing out as an integral part of the visual experience offered by the Ronda das Artes. The developed graphic elements were crucial in conveying the diversity and creativity present at the event, contributing to its visual appeal and memorable impact.

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