Every year the city of Guimarães is home to the TEDx event. At the "Plataforma das Artes" it intends to inspire everyone with the best life stories, personal struggles and principles of local speakers and some national or international figures known to the public. 
The Blackbox -  Centro Internacional das Artes José de Guimarães, was the chosen stage for the "Tudo ou Nada" conference where 10 speakers talked openly about their life experience, about the risk to make the most important life choices when there's a low chance of success. 

To communicate visually the meaning of the conference the letter "X" was the starting point. Over the "X" was built a scenery inspired by Guimarães historical architecture represented by some of its elements: masonry wall, arches, wood doors and windows. 
To add movement to the scene was created an animation with a character that runs through the scenery looking for the right door to get in, as a metaphor for the theme of the conference meaning "All or Nothing".
Photography Ivo André

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