The "Triangular" project emerged as a collaboration among the Degree in Visual Arts (LAV) at EAAD, the José de Guimarães International Center for the Arts (CIAJG), and the cultural association - Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e Arquitetura CAAA. In 2023, A OFICINA became part of this initiative, aiding in various artistic ventures, particularly focusing on innovative pedagogical approaches to art education.

The Triangular project serves as a mediator between different artistic and educational programs, aiming to enhance cultural experiences and accessibility for educators, artists, and the wider community. The project seeks to establish a network fostering relationships between the university, cultural institutions, artists, and audiences.
Throughout the year, five joint initiatives are carried out, including presenting the programs of CIAJG and CAAA to the LAV community, hosting experimental workshops termed 'Living Laboratories', and organizing an annual art event in May called "Undisciplined Journeys". These initiatives provide platforms for students to showcase their artworks in cultural spaces and engage with curators and professionals.
Additionally, two new spaces were introduced for young artists to facilitate creativity: a Studio Space and an Artistic Residence. The project's progress is continually monitored by the research and development unit Landscapes, Heritage and Territory Laboratory (Lab2PT).

The primary objective of the Triangular project is to promote student autonomy, foster innovative and sustainable teaching methods, and broaden the notion of the "classroom". The project also aims to establish new inter-institutional collaborations, offering students a real-world insight into the functioning of these cultural institutions. The broader goals include reaching or creating new audiences, providing job prospects for art professionals, and emphasizing the importance of art in society.

Teaching methodologies in arts differ from other fields, requiring students to engage directly with the artistic world, visiting exhibitions, collaborating with peers, and exposing themselves to various cultural experiences and environments.

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